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I didn't have much interest in photography before I had ever used a digital camera, it was always too much hassle taking the film to get developed and collecting the photos again, and having to cough up cash at every stage. Plus the photos I took were generally rubbish, out of focus and badly composed (so what's new, I hear you ask?!). However I always had a desire to take photos, to satisfy my internal artist as well as for the posterity of memories throughout my life.

So when the company I was working for in summer 2000 lent me their digital camera, a whole new world of photography with instant gratification opened up; what you see is what you get, no waiting for developments, no paying for duff images that I would throw away anyway. The benefits of a digital camera have long since overtaken conventional film for all but the most serious enthusiast. Digital photography does lack the tangible result of a glossy piece of paper, but the results of professional development of my digital photographs have always exceeded my expectations, and I can afford to pick only the absolute best shots to commit to physical form.

But enough waffle, this is a small collection of some of my favourite photos from my early years of digital photography, from 2001 to 2004.

"Sunrise through the forest at the Alhambra"

A spur of the moment picture caught as we walked up the leafy path to the Alhambra from Plaza Nueva in Granada.

"Bridge mirror"

I took this on the Union Canal whilst cycling from Glasgow to Edinburgh one day, look closely, do you see anything odd about it?

"Warping of the corridors of Carlos V"

This shot has an interesting looks so much like it was a straight corridor that has been warped by photo software. Round Palace of Carlos V, Granada.

"He rode off into the sunset"

This does not look very Finnish, but it was indeed taken in Helsinki. It is the equestrian statue of Mannerheim near to the railway station.

"Knot what you might think"

A stainless steel sculpture in the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, close up and rotated. The tube is a good foot and a half thick.

"Mirror image"

When I looked in my mirror whilst driving away from Monument Valley I was presented with this view, which I just had to capture.

"Fiesta lights"

Part of the light show put up over the streets of Valencia for the fiesta "Las Fallas".

"A day's work"

A silver mime tallying the day's takings, in stark contrast to the couple having a chat.

"Tower by moonlight"

Part of the old town of Tossa de Mar near Barcelona.

"Fireworks finale"

The end approaches at a Valencian fireworks display.

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