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Sarah and me many years ago

This is just a short section describing a little about me, my family and our history. I have a Mum, Dad and little sister, the photo on the left is myself and my sister in the 1980s. I was born at Foresterhill Hospital, Aberdeen.

I lived in Ferryhill, Aberdeen until a week before my 4th birthday when my Dad's job moved us to England. We went to Maidenhead, Berkshire (near London) where I started school at Oldfield Primary. We then moved to Dubai in November 1987 where I went to Jumeirah English Speaking School until 1991. During this time however we had a short spell living in Houston, Texas (due to the Gulf crisis in 1990), where I went to Holy Spirit Episcopal School. We moved back to Aberdeen in 1991, where I attended Ashley Road Primary, Mile-End Primary and Aberdeen Grammar School.

I then went to Strathclyde University in Glasgow to study Mechanical Engineering. During this time I spent my 3rd year of study at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain. In 2005 my family moved to Vietnam but by that stage I was old enough to look after myself, and stayed in the UK! Since then I have lived and worked as an engineer for an oil company in Aberdeen, offshore North Sea, China, London, Dubai again and Alaska.

Me through the years
Specky 1st Year Gawky 2nd Year Floppy haired 4th Year Stout 6th Year

First year (12 yrs)

Second year (13 yrs)

Fourth year (15 yrs)

Sixth year (17 yrs)

Old School Photos

This is a set of some of my old school photos from some of the schools I went to. Click the image for a closer look.

Year One at Oldfield, Maidenhead (Mrs Hat).

Year One at Jess, Dubai (Mrs Davidson).

Year Three at Jess, Dubai (Mrs Cogdon).

Grade Three at Holy Spirit, Houston (Mrs Goble and Chris Whitcombe).

Primary Six at Mile-End, Aberdeen (Mrs Sykes).

Fourth Year at Aberdeen Grammar.

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