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A Lovely World

The world as seen by Dominique Ganteille, available in French, English and Spanish.

Dominique Mills Photography

Dominique is truly unique - a travelling Aussie who captures breathtaking photos.

Galen S. Frysinger

Travel photos of Galen S. Frysinger, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. There's practically nowhere left for him to go, but really interesting to see tourist photos of many places from so long ago.

Travel Tools

Usually websites with such a generic name promise much and deliver little. But this site is truly an excellent tool for sorting out hotels, and one that I have used many times.

Flight Stats

Get generally reliable information about any flight number you enter on the date you choose.


Travellers' portal for reviews, tips and photos of destinations around the globe. Particularly useful for scoping out hotels and has the tools to allow you to make reservations too.


If you're not tempted by the prices on, then this may be the place for you, as it still very much is for me too. Dirt cheap accommodation reliably booked through this great site.

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree

Quite possibly the most useful travel forum going - this is always my first stop for researching a new destination.


Benchmark currency conversion site, very useful graphs of past trends too. Still not sure if it's Oanda, or O And A...

Seat 61

If the country you're going to happens to have rails, and indeed you plan to travel by chuffle-puff then the Man in Seat 61 has all the information you need.

Seat Guru

Ah the satisfaction of booking an exit row seat online, only to find your knees stuffed in behind a liferaft (I'm talking to you, KLM). No more, with this fantastic tool from TripAdvisor which maps out every aircraft for every airline, showing you the best and worst seats in the house.


A price comparison comparison site - this checks the likes of Expedia, Opodo and others to really help find you the best deals going.

Friends' Websites
Amateur Food Ramblings

Amateur food ramblings by a self confessed "cookery experimenter"; ramblings best served as catalysts in escaping the stress and chaos of daily life.

Rubislaw Parish Church

The second website of my creation, or at least joint creation. Rubislaw Church is our local church at home and the task was taken up by my Mum to make a church website, which I assisted with. Since handed over to a new generation of willing webmasters, but some of our original content persists.

Assorted Useful Sites

Quite possibly the most useful website in the world, an encyclopedia written by the people for the people. Started when a boffin in a lab somewhere realised, that as much information as there is on the interweb, it's a complete mess and mostly nonsense. This site is the resolution and it makes fact-finding easy-peasy.


The idea being that it's "You" on the "Tube" (cathode ray tube = TV) but to us Brits it still sounds like an insult. Ya Tube! Endless entertainment nonetheless.

The Internet Movie Database

Every time I look at this site it increases in my estimation, it is a fully comprehensive guide to just about anything that has been produced for watching on a screen, perhaps with the exception of laundry in a drier...but that's for next season! Extra features include a service for finding what famous people share your birthday.

Does exactly as it says on the tin. Also has good translation programs for major European languages, great for the Spanish homework!


The most "grown up" of the social networking sites, and certainly the one with the best functionality if you ask me.

Lyrics World

One of the better of many sites dedicated to song lyrics, here you can find out exactly what Snow was saying...


The Aberdeen Solicitors' Property Centre, for anyone in the property market in the 'Deen, this is the one-stop shop for you.

Online Schools Directory

A very useful resource which works to collate the often fragmented information from various US schools and colleges about the courses which they offer online. Browse by state and see what's available near you.

College Accreditation Guide

Guidebook to help you understand what college accreditation is, its benefits and the importance of choosing an accredited college in the United States. In particular, this helps you to avoid the so called online "diploma mills".

Assorted Useless Sites

Web-based artyness and visual oddities.

WhooHoo Dialect Translators

Never mind translating into different languages; if you ever find yourself in one of the "stronger accented" regions of the UK, this tool will be a Godsend...

Daystrom Institute Technical Library

Trekkie techy heaven for uber-nerds and closet geeks alike, like me.

Eric Harshberger's Lego Site

This bloke builds with Lego for a living, and does a very impressive job of it too.

Early Maps of Scotland before 1850

I love old maps, but I don't often get to where I'm wanting to go when using them...

Priceless Computing

This computer shop in Glasgow is so ridiculously cheap it has to be seen to be believed. Specialising in seperate components, it is where I got my machine. Recommended by me!

UK Reg

UK Reg is the company that I lease this website domain from. They have unbeatable prices and you get a lot with your URL, including email forwarding, framed redirection and other handy tools.


My current hosting company, when I joined it cost just 14 per year for 150MB webspace with unlimited bandwidth and FTP access. SnapHappyRoss, at 70MB in June 2006, fitted nicely in here with plenty of room for expansion.


This is one of the sites from which I have gleaned most of my knowledge and ability (what little there is) in writing HTML for this website. It has easy to follow tutorials and is very helpful.


And this is the other site, it has a whole bunch of codes for various things which you are invited to copy freely, but as I prefer to learn and write it myself I follow the comprehensive tutorials instead.

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