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St Andrews may be a small town, but it has a big reputation. It is of course the home of golf, with its famous links Old Course. The university is the oldest and best in Scotland, and one of the top universities in the UK, being where Prince William was educated. And to top all that it is one of the prettiest locations in the east of Scotland.

I have been in and out of St Andrews countless times over the years, largely due to various family members having periodically lived there. I never quite got round to photographing it properly however, so I will need to get some better pics some time. In the meantime, here's the best of what I have to offer for now.

St Andrews University quad

The Quad, the centre of St Andrews University. The style of the old buildings of St A's is very much like the college buildings of Oxford University.

Looking across some of the West Sands at the end of the Old Course. St Andrews is a links course, meaning it's largely open and exposed, as opposed to the tree-lined fairways you see in other locations.

West sands


View from the top of St Andrews Cathedral at the east end of town. St Andrews was once the capital of Scotland, prior to that honour passing to Edinburgh. Its cathedral, like so many others in the country, was destroyed during the Protestant Reformation. But you can still climb up St Rule's tower and see over to the castle.

St Salvator's Hall, one of the many student residences of St Andrews University. It was here that Prince William stayed during his first year of studies. This is not him.

St Salvators Hall

St Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle on a brisk clear day. As well as being an interesting ruin to explore, you can get into the old siege tunnels quarried underneath, which go right out of the grounds and across the road.

From a passing aeroplane it's easy to see the whole town of St Andrews (top right), plus the Old Course spread along the West Sands, and the nearby Royal Air Force base at Leuchars.

St Andrews from above

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