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Windsor is all about the castle, the centrepiece of the town and dominating the skyline. It's a very touristy place, but is well worth a day visit and can be easily reached. Windsor is just outside of London up the Thames, and across the river is the village of Eton, complete with its world famous school.

Whilst living in London I went out to Windsor a couple of times, and as well as being a pleasant place for a wander it also has some nice pubs down by the Thames, and a great curry house across the river in Eton.

We are not amused

Queen Victoria stands by Windsor Castle, which she made her royal residence, although she much preferred Balmoral.

As a tourist you enter the castle through the St George's Gate, next to the King Edward III Tower.

Gate to Windsor Castle

St George's Chapel

The castle contains the 14th century St George's Chapel, the chapel of the Order of the Garter. Becoming a member of the order is one of the highest distinctions that can be achieved within the British honours system. Only 26 living people can be members at any one time. The 1000th Knight of the Garter is Prince William.

The Round Tower is at the centre of the whole complex, and stands on top of a motte, a small hill for defense. It was built during the reign of Henry II in the 12th century, and remodelled in the 19th century.

Round Tower

Windsor Castle pond

Little royal pond at the bottom of the motte where the Round Tower sits.

The Quadrangle in the Upper Ward of the castle, onto which the State Apartments look. This is a newer part of the castle, and much of it was rebuilt inside following the devastating fire of 1992.

Quad at Windsor Castle

Castle guard

Guard at Windsor Castle - although they don't wear the big furry hats like the guards at Buckingham Palace, they're still not to be distracted.

The castle looms above the town of Windsor itself. To my back is the bridge over to Eton.

Windsor town

The Crooked House of Windsor

The Crooked House of Windsor, or Market Cross House as it is officially known, is something of a slanty shanty. It's around 300 years old.

Windsor Castle as seen shortly after taking off from Heathrow Airport. The Long Walk is visible on the left, the official approach to the castle.

Windsor Castle from the air

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