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Oxford is a tremendous place, beautiful at every turn and most very civilised. It is the home of the world famous and renowned Oxford University, and is a treasure chest of architecture and history. It is known as the "city of dreaming spires" and it also has cracking pubs and nightlife.

Although I'd been to Oxford when I was around 5 years old, I can't remember very much about it and I certainly didn't take any photos. We went for a weekend of general nonsense in 2010, staying at a central hostel and sampling the delights of the city. As Brits, we were certainly in the minority, with the city having been invaded by Spaniards. Possibly to escape all the Brits that show up on the costas each summer.

Keble College Chapel

Keble College Chapel, part of Keble College which is one of the newer Oxford colleges, having been established in 1870. Oxford University is subdivided throughout into individual self contained colleges, each of which gets its own shot at University Challenge.

The Lamb and Flag, a great British pub. Dog and Duck, Slug and Lettuce, Fox and Hounds anyone?

Lamb and Flag

Radcliffe Camera

The Radcliffe Camera is one of Oxford's most distinctive buildings, a circular shaped library. There's a nice little café across the road where you can get set up picnic-style.

Old houses on Radcliffe Square, just opposite the Radcliffe Camera.

Radcliffe Square

Lincoln College

Lincoln College shows the American universities what "Ivy League" is all about.

Looking down Turf Street to the pretty coloured houses and church. It was a beautiful day.

Turf Street

Goat legged chap

A goat legged fellow provides detail interest on one of the houses.

The circular lawn in the square quad of St John's College. Most Oxford colleges are built around a central courtyard such as this, as indeed is St Andrews University.

St John's college

Sheldonian Theatre

The Sheldonian Theatre on Broad Street, designed by Sir Christopher Wren of St Paul's Cathedral fame.

Detail of one of the busts surrounding the Sheldonian Theatre, this chap must have seen a good show.

Sheldonian bloke

Balliol College

Balliol College on Broad Street, possibly the oldest college in Oxford and therefore the Western world.

Blackwells is an Oxford book selling institution, which has now grown to cover most of the UK. This is the original store, on Broad Street.

Blackwells book shop

Old Oxford houses

Old Oxford houses on the road up towards Keble College.

Oxford's Trinity College is another of the more famous institutions in the city.

Trinity College Oxford

Bridge of Sighs

The distinctive Bridge of Sighs over New College Lane links two parts of Hertford College. There are other bridges by the same name in Cambridge and of course Venice, Italy.

Half timbered houses down a quiet lane.

Half timbered houses

Worcester College

Worcester College was I think the grandest of the colleges we saw, and it was certainly exclusive as we had to talk our way past security to enter the quad and get our football back.

There was a display of tree roots going on outside the Oxford Natural History Museum.

Oxford Natural History Museum

Turf Tavern, Oxford

The Turf Tavern, one of Oxford's oldest, most famous and seemingly most popular pubs.

Pub beer mat collection on display inside the Turf Tavern.

Beer mats

Cornmarket Street

Cornmarket Street is one of the main shopping drags in town. What a busy place.

This very old and delicate looking place on Cornmarket Street was in fact a mobile phone shop.

Posh mobile phone shop

I want to ride my bicycle

With the amount of students there are in Oxford, it's no surprise to see this many bikes parked up by the railway station. No wonder there aren't many bicycles in Beijing these days, they're all here!

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