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Šibenik is a small city on the Dalmatian coast, about halfway between Zadar and Split. Like Zadar it changed hands many times, most recently as part of the Croatian wars of independence in the mid 1990s when it was heavily damaged by the Serbs. Nowadays it is a quiet and pretty place to be.

I hadn't specifically planned to visit Šibenik, but its position near to Krka National Park meant that it was a handy stopping point to get some dinner before heading back to Zadar. As it turned out, it was a real find, very picturesque and great for some quiet exploration around the scenic old town.


Boats on the waterfront at Šibenik.

This is the Katedrala Sv Jakova or St James Cathedral, but Jakova sounds more like Jacob to me. In any case, it is a central landmark, and world heritage site.

Katedrala Sv Jakova

Roman remnants

Remnants sitting on the lawn outside the cathedral. Possibly Roman?

Another church on the main square in Šibenik, just opposite the Cathedral of St James. This one has a 24 hour clock.


Old Sibenik

Old Šibenik as seen on my walk up the hill to the fortress at the top.

Harbour in Šibenik, and red rooftops.

Sibenik harbour


More red rooftops continue the Mediterranean theme across the newer parts of Šibenik.

The St James Cathedral as viewed from near the fortress at the top of the hill in old Šibenik.

Old Sibenik

Old Sibenik

Narrow winding streets in old Šibenik. It was very peaceful, and I could hear someone playing a piano nearby.

Detail of arches and Mokos restaurant back on the main square.

Old Sibenik

Posh café in old Sibenik

A posh looking café on the main square. Too posh for me, I didn't sit down.

Dome on the Katedrala Sv Jakova, which was damaged during the shelling in 1991.

Cathedral dome

Cathedral faces

I really liked the many faces decorating the cathedral walls, each one different.

There were some interesting expressions on these mysterious people, I wonder who they were.

More faces

Cathedral window

Detail of a window on the St James Cathedral.

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