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Nin is a very small place not too far from Zadar, which despite its size is well known throughout the country for its pleasant atmosphere and historic remains. It sits on a tiny island, reached by a series of small bridges, and is an important site in Croatia's religious history.

I visited Nin for a couple of hours on my way to Pag Island, during my stay in the Zadar area. There wasn't a lot going in town, but that was exactly what I was looking for! It was very nice to wander the quiet streets and soak up the atmosphere. Plus, parking was free.

Beautiful Nin

The beautiful village of Nin, as seen from across the water on the main land.

Old boats added to the charming rustic atmosphere of the village.

Messing about on the river

Peaceful coffee

Peaceful café in the central square of Nin, doing a roaring trade as usual.

The Church of the Holy Cross is the oldest in Croatia, having been founded in the 9th century. It is sometimes known as the smallest cathedral in the word, although whether it is actually a cathedral, I don't know.

Church of the Holy Cross

Gandalf or Saruman?

I'd seen this chap on a postcard previously, so I was really pleased to discover him quite by accident in the village. Statues are usually not as dramatic as this. He is bishop Gregory of Nin, but he looks to me like a figure from Lord of the Rings...

Another of the small bridges which link Nin island to the mainland, only a few metres away. The Adriatic is looking rather high today.

Low bridge ahead

Dalmatian mountains

During my entire stay in the Dalmatia area I could always see the huge distant Velebit mountains, tantalisingly close yet never getting any closer.

The statue which guards the main bridge across into Nin village, inspecting his sword. Perhaps he was one of the Knights of Nin...?

Sword master

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