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Fukuoka and Hakata are almost one and the same, having grown into each other a long time ago. Located on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, the third largest after Honshu and Hokkaido, the city is an important Japanese hub.

We only stayed over for one night, this being the furthest outpost on our week-long bullet train soujourn from Tokyo. Our timing was unfortunate as it was a Sunday night, and the previous week had included three days of public holiday, so nobody was up for much in the way of nightlife that evening.


Gate to a temple near to where we were staying. We didn't see much other historical evidence around town, but we weren't there for very long.

One of the modern centres of Fukuoka is the Canal City Hakata development, replete with restaurants and waterways. We found a place that did wagyu steak, so that was definitely on the menu.

Canal city, Fukuoka

Night river view

The Naka River in Fukuoka, which splits around Nakasu Island in the middle of the city. Neon reflections on the water.

As much neon as there was in Japan, there wasn't as much as I'd been expecting. Quite frankly, no-one does neon like the Chinese.

Japanese neon

Underground shopping mall

We chanced upon an underground walkway which follows much of the length of one of the main roads in Tenjin, in the city centre, a subterranean parallel universe of shops and services.

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