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Around Brisbane, I am told, there's the *puts on best Aussie accent* "sunny" and the "goldie". Both highly touristy, and for good reason, with the miles of golden beaches and burning sunshine year-round. Gold Coast city contains the world famous Surfers' Paradise, the start of Queensland.

We hit the goldie for a few nights in 2008, staying at the Gold Coast International Hotel, right in Surfers' Paradise and mere minutes from the beach. One of the highlights was the "Wet and Wild" water park, and we also found the time to get some jet skiing in too.

Gold Coast city

Surfers' Paradise beach, replete with development, including the world's tallest residential building, Q1 Gold Coast. This is the furthest east I have ever been. It reminded me a bit of Miami.

Gold Coast city is very popular with Aussie retirees, with the warm weather, shopping and facilities. Here a couple of old geezers pass time at the chess board.

Old geezers


The city has been heavily developed in recent years, but many of these flats are only holiday homes.

Wet n Wild water park! I hadn't been to a place like this in years - it was great fun.

Wet n Wild

Wave pool

The wave pool at Wet n Wild, with some of the slides in the background. I wore factor 30 all day and managed not to get burnt.

Inside one of the plethora of shopping malls - everything was dead cheap and there was some excellent steak to be had!


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