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Colonia del Sacramento, to give it its full name, is a small and scenic town on the southern coast of Uruguay, on the banks of the River Plate straight across from Buenos Aires. As the name suggests it is a colonial settlement, founded by the Portuguese, and it is now a world heritage site.

Colonia was the second last stop on our 2005 South America trip, we stayed here for a night after getting the bus from Montevideo, and before getting the fast boat to Buenos Aires across the River Plate. I felt very relaxed in Colonia, it was a really chilled out place and very nice for taking photos in. Aside from chilling out, we also hired scooters and a golf cart, all the better to explore the old streets of the town.

Coches viejos

Aging vehicles seemed to be a feature of Colonia, adding to the rustic feel of the place.

A little out of town we came across this beach, with the mist rolling in.

La playa

More old cars

More old vehicles and a cafe in the old town. We had heard that there was in fact a place which combined the two, and you could eat your lunch sitting in a 1930s gangster car, but we didn't find it.

The picturesque streets were great for little postcards-scene photos, although a bit bumpy to explore by scooter.

Cobbled lane

Thatched cottage

A thatched cottage was a surprise sight, I didn't think there were many of these outside of merry old England.

The slightly eerie green glow from these lamps gave an interesting effect...

Green lamp glow


On our way down to the ferry terminal to catch the catamaran to bustling Buenos Aires, we left behind the tranquility of Colonia and Uruguay.

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