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The city of Tampa is part of the Tampa Bay area conurbation on Florida's Gulf Coast. As far as tourism regards, Tampa lives in the shadow of Orlando, but it does have some very nice beaches, Busch Gardens amusement park, and the Salvador Dali museum. (Actually it's in St Petersburg).

I was in Tampa in summer 2000, and aside from the odd tropical storm, I sure did enjoy the relentless heat, lovely beaches and the jetskiing! There is not much really to make Tampa a great place for a holiday in itself, but it is very clean and warm. I stayed at Chase Suite Hotel which was self-catered accommodation on Pelican Island in the bay.

Where the trees are taller than the offices

Downtown Tampa was spotlessly clean, and the only people I saw were either business types or homeless. During public holidays and weekends, downtown areas in the US tend to shut down completely, and be strangely devoid of human life.

This is one of my arty shots, taken against the Hyatt Hotel in Tampa City Centre.

American Flag


In the middle of this shot is the SunTrust building, on the right is the GTE building and on the left is the Municipal Building.

This was just outside Chase Suite Hotel, the lake was part of the bay, and had jetskis for hire - best fun I've ever had on the water!

Chase Suite Hotel

Two Suns

Another arty sort of photo (there wasn't much else to take in Tampa) which I particularly like. On the left is the SunTrust Building, on the right is the GTE building. This picture has not been modified in any way.

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