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Columbus, Ohio was a place I sort of knew was there before I went, but having spent three months living and working there it's now one of my favourite places in the USA. I stayed on Ohio State University campus and worked in a brewpub restaurant as a server. My time in Columbus was the best summer I've had, I met so many new people and everybody was really nice and welcoming. Although we get lots of American TV in Britain it really doesn't give a good impression of Americans themselves - I realised I did not know as much about America as I had thought, and I was surprised that so many people had never met anybody Scottish before, so it was a great opportunity to learn about each other's culture.

Columbus lies on the Scioto River right in the middle of Ohio, and it is the state capital. The city is about the same population as Glasgow, but is much more spread out. Columbus is the home of "Wendy's" fast food chain, and Les Wexner, owner of "Victoria's Secret" and "Abercrombie & Fitch". It is also the birthplace of Jack Nicklaus.

Columbus from the Scioto River

The view of downtown Columbus, taken from beside the Santa Maria moored on the Scioto River. Columbus is named after Christopher Columbus, and the replica ship on which he sailed to the new land was built for the quincentennial celebrations in 1992.

The Capitol building at Broad and High, Columbus. It is based on the US Capitol in Washington, on a smaller scale.

The Capitol

Downtown at night

This is the Huntington Centre and Vern Riffe State Office tower, with a statue in the foreground.

Again this is the Huntington Centre, creating an interesting shot with the much older block in front. Huntington was my bank during the time I stayed in Ohio, although I was recommended National City.

My bank

The War Memorial

The War Memorial in downtown. I got the idea for this shot when I saw a similar postcard for sale. Come to think of it, I could have just taken a picture of the postcard - but that wouldn't be right.

The Nationwide Arena, ice rink and concert hall. The artist formerly known as Prince, intermediately the Symbol and more recently simply "The Artist"...was playing here the same day I wandered in for a look. It was quite cool being there with everything set up for a concert, yet with no people at all to be seen.

I was dreamin' when I wrote this...

Is the bus here yet?

This is a night shot down the road from where I worked, a view I was very familiar with as I waited for the bus. In the distance is part of the Nationwide offices, the same company who own the arena.

Part of Ohio State University, I don't really know what this is but it always appears in promotional articles about the University.

An old bit of the Uni

OSU Central

This is where it all happens at OSU, the Oval. Ohio State University is one of the largest in the country, with around 50,000 students. Like most American colleges it has excellent sports facilities, a large stadium for the American Football team and even its own hospital.

The Wexner Centre for the arts is on OSU campus, and has an interesting steel frame surrounding it, which made for a cool picture. Note the two guys walking underneath the frame in the distance.

Down inside the Wexner Centre

Much studying to be done

A very learned looking scholar studying by Mirror Lake on OSU Campus. I think this picture would look good in a prospectus.

This is an interesting shot, I don't quite know what to make of it, it is a little ironic. There were quite a lot of homeless people on the streets in downtown, as with most places I have visited in the USA.


What a beautiful house

This is the house I lived in for two months during the summer, on OSU campus. I was sharing with 8 students all about my age, and it was a lot of fun. I experienced student life just as an American does, quite different from in Scotland.

Barley's Brew Pub where I worked for most of the summer. Located in the Short North district it was just outside downtown, by the convention centre where most of our business came from.

I'll have a cajun chicken quesadilla!
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